Have You Thought About Lithium Batteries?

Lithium is the Battery of the Future!

Opportunity Charging gets you through multiple shifts with just one Battery!  

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  • One Battery per Vehicle – Designed for opportunity charging and much higher cycle life means battery swapping is a thing of the past. Reclaim your battery room and free up floor space.
  • Safety & Reliability – Our motive power batteries are constructed from UL approved components. Voltage, current, and temperature are continuously monitored while safety is controlled through contactors. Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry is the safest chemistry in the lithium-ion battery category.
  • Flexible Applications – Available for all electric material handling (MHE) classes 1-3, small Pallet Jacks, End Riders, Center Riders, Narrow Aisle Forklifts, 3-4 Wheel Forklifts, large Turret Trucks, as well as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Industrial Electric Vehicles. Lithium batteries are ballasted for heavy counterbalance applications when necessary.
  • Energy & Cost Savings – Recharge efficiency of 98%+ drives electrical savings and reduces damaging effects of heating batteries.
  • Plug & Play – Single point battery connection replicates today’s lead acid batteries without any special modifications. Drop-in replacement happens once and battery swaps are eliminated forever.
  • Maintenance Free – Weekly watering and equalization is not required. Lithium motive power batteries are sealed and do not require acid. The BMS automatically monitors and conditions the battery.

Purchase the Best Flooded Acid Battery in Town, Reaco will keep your fleet running!

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